One of the most popular fruit on the planet is the banana. There are different type of bananas like Manzano banana, Red Banana, Baby Banana, Burro Banana, Plantain banana and Cavendish Banana. Among these types, the most widely grown banana cultivars is the Cavendish banana. Especially, it is cultivated mostly in Africa, Latin and South East Asia.

Cavendish banana is not only tasty to eat but also rich in minerals and vitamins. It is highly nutritious banana varieties of essential nutrients such as protein, fat starch, Vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2. Especially Pectin - a substance that helps digestion. , good absorption and anti-intestinal infection.

Good-quality banana with good shape and color

Cavendish banana has growth and haversting time from 8 – 10 months. Its stalks are smaller and longer, far from others, thin skin, banana is smaller. Regarding to sweetness and color, it has 16 – 18 brix and whiter inside than other types of banana.

In Vietnam, banana area accounts for 19% of the total area of fruit trees in Vietnam. However, banana cultivation area is not concentrated. Banana production areas concentrate mainly in Southern and Northern in Vietnam. Moreover, there are provinces with big production areas such as: Gia Lai, Long An, Lam Dong, etc. In 2018, banana plantation area reached 140,000 ha and production reached about 2.1 million tons. 

Banana is ready for being packed into carton boxes

Generally, Green Farm Agrimex Co., Ltd owns banana farms and plantations which is located mainly in Gia Lai, Lam Dong and Long An province. In total, we own more than 400ha, more 30 employees, 3 washing pools and pulley systems in banana processing factory.

We would like to offer you Vietnamese fresh cavendish banana with terms and conditions:

√ Product name: Fresh cavendish banana 

√ Origin: Vietnam

√ Brand: Green Farm Agrimex Co., Ltd

√ Main export markets: Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, the Middle East countries, etc.

√ Packing: 13 - 18 kg net/carton, can handle bulk standard and CP standard or as customer’s request

√ Length: 15 cm up

√ Diameter: 3 – 4 cm

√ Availability: All year around

√ Payment term: L/C, T/T or negotiation 

√ Delivery time: 03 – 05 days after receiving deposit or original L/C


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