About Us

About Us

Green Farm Agrimex Co., Ltd (also called Green Farm) well known as one of the leading Vietnamese companies in the field of exporting agricultural fruit and vegetable products. Due to experience in supplying and exporting high-quality and fresh products, Green Farm has been becoming one of the most reputable brands in export of agricultural products in the international market.

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Why choose GREEN FARM?


Price is one of the most important factors in business. Understanding this, our team always tries to offer the most competitive prices to our valuable customers.

Moreover, reasonable prices also help our customers optimize their input costs. In other words, they can maximize their profits and partially dominate domestic market.


To ensure continuous production of our customers, Green Farm Agrimex Co., Ltd owns a large and stable supply.

Thanks to good relationships with many Vietnamese suppliers, our supplies are always abundant and come from many regions in Vietnam.

Besides, our team is actively investing to own our own farming and cultivation areas. In the near future, we will be completely self-sufficient in supply.


We look forward to building long-term relationship with our valuable customers and partners all around the world, not just some shipments. To do that, our team understands that quality is the core factor.

Our products are always of good quality after rigorous grading process.

Before export, our quality control team will inspect products carefully to make sure that our quality of products meet customer’s strict standards.


Payment terms are always a concern for exporters and importers.

To make things easier, we offer a wide range of payment terms to our esteemed customers. We hope that this thing will help both parties quickly come to an agreement.