About Us

Dear value customers and partners,

Green Farm Agrimex Co., Ltd (also called Green Farm) well known as one of the leading Vietnamese companies in the field of exporting agricultural fruit and vegetable products. Due to experience in supplying and exporting high-quality and fresh products, Green Farm has been becoming one of the most reputable brands in export of agricultural products in the international market.


Our vision is to supply every one of our customers with the freshest, highest quality fruit and vegetables. In a country of expatriates, we aim to source products from every country, so everyone has a taste of home—and the exotic flavours they may have never tried—all with our signature freshness.
Add to this our desire to supply you and your customers delicious products at a price that is as terrific as the taste. At Green Farm, we deliver a whole world of freshness—no matter who, or where you are.

At Green Farm, we believe customer satisfaction begins with the earth: the land from which the grower creates fine brands and fine produce that are key to our way of doing business.
We believe that integrity, trustworthiness and honesty are integral to who we are as a company, and so, we insist that at every stage of what we do, Green Farm works in partnership with our suppliers,. We insist on ‘Fair Trade’ principles and ethical business practices that support even the smallest grower.
We also stipulate that the choice of produce we accept, and its delivery to the supermarket shelf and your customers’ tables, are all done to the highest ethical and quality standards.
It is this passion for getting things right and our refusal to compromise on quality that have established our reputation for nearly four decades.